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One of the largest inkwell collections
in Europe!


My name is Mario Mariani

About my collection:

I have been collecting inkwells for more than 40 years.

My collection inlcude over 1000 inkwells from many countries, crafted from an array of materials including silver, bronze, brass, porcelain, ceramic, pewter, cast iron, glass, wood, bones and various others.

Due to my age and other family priorities, I decided to sell my entire collection.

My favorite inkwells

Sphere on Spiral Stairs


+39 324 905 4953


Leonid Belsky

The editor of "The World of Inkwells" magazine and an avid inkwell collector

"Mario Mariani has a unique and impressive collection of inkwells that truly stands out. During my visit to Mario's home, I discovered many interesting and valuable inkwells, each with its own story and historical significance. This collection is so remarkable that it deserves to be showcased in a museum for the public to appreciate and learn from."

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